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Our Services

We can support your company's growth goals through a wide range of services and expertise.


Growth Strategy Services and Capabilities

>   Demand-driven innovation and growth strategy

- Customer Immersion: Exploratory research; structured, first-hand customer-focused processes

- Segmentation

- Demand/opportunity analysis

- Motivation-Based CRM

> Market and competitive analysis

> Best practices benchmarking

> Profitability analysis: products, customers, channels, new initiatives

> Business and technology development and acquisition strategies

> Sales force and channel effectiveness and development strategies

> Innovation and new product development: strategy, ideation, process enhancement

> Pricing strategy

> Branding, positioning, and communications strategies

> Organizational capabilities review and gap closing strategies



We help clients enhance performance and navigate growth or market changes via a range of organizational services.


Organization/Execution-Enhancement Services and Capabilities


> Organizational Alignment Approach: gap diagnostic, gap remediation, org redesign

> Organizational design/redesign

> Process redesign

> Compensation

> Performance management improvement

> 'Vanguard'-driven change processes

> Formal and informal leadership and team assessments

> Team and individual coaching/advisory