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Client Work                                                                     

Examples of client work

· Guided Board of Directors of mid-sized investment bank and brokerage firm in addressing critical gaps in board governance and management processes, including succession planning and leadership transition, risk management, strategic planning, and performance measurement.  Firm has begun to implement first-ever growth plans for retail brokerage and public finance.

· Developed growth strategy for client’s $40 billion product, a core revenue and profit-driving-brand, which is currently being implemented.  Provided on-going product strategy and innovation support to Product Management group.  Worked with group to strengthen marketing processes and skills, and to help build a customer-focused culture.

· Assisted a leading U.S. cultural institution in launch of a major educational program requiring unprecedented cooperation and coordination among its five highly independent member organizations.  Clarified strategic vision, strengthened commitment to venture, and defined key programs, processes, talent, and cultural changes needed to achieve vision. 

· Prepared initial business plan to establish new bottled water company as the first “ultra-premium” bottled water, enabling them to secure critical 2nd-round financing and helping to guide their successful marketing and sales efforts.

· Developed alternative distribution channel strategy for leading oral care product, focusing on corporate offices and commercial real estate.  Initial testing indicated potential 7%+ share gain.

· Provided extensive business, marketing, and capabilities planning and implementation support for several electronic commerce and e-commerce security products, including Electronic Postmark, which is emerging as a standard to assure integrity of electronic medical documents.

· Modeled & projected market size potential for early-emerging technologies: micro-fuel cells and trusted electronic time stamping