Hudson Chesapeake Ltd



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Case study 1                                                                    

Background: Company manufactures windows and glass doors for residential housing market; distributes via dealers throughout the East





· Private equity portfolio company missing target operating objectives

· Two add-on’s poorly-integrated into platform company; distinct, uncoordinated product lines served different market segments

· Little-to-no cohesiveness among leadership team


 Issues Surfaced by Diagnostic

·  No shared or consistent firm-wide mission and strategy

· Incompatible marketing and sales needs and practices, by segment and channel

· Very different legacy operational and sales cultures: rules-oriented vs. employee-needs focused

· Highly silo’d organization: by product line, by functions

· No strategic planning process



  Project Deliverables

· Articulated shared vision/mission and strategic direction

· Created key management development plans: a) for newly promoted COO and b) for rest of senior team

· Helped management develop Action Plans that successfully:

 Systematized marketing and sales processes

 Instilled consistency, quality in operations

 Created more integrated culture via organization-wide communication mechanisms

 Implemented integrated strategic and operational planning processes


Company sold to strategic buyer at substantial multiple over purchase price, with:

 a.  Cohesive  management team,

 b.  Clear direction,

 c.  More tightly integrated operating units